Lighthouse provides the clear direction you've been looking for.

There is a solution. We are here to help our clients gain authority of their thoughts, emotions, and behavior, to live more full and satisfying lives.


There is a reason we feel and act the way we do. We may not know the many causes of our behavior, but if we can change these habits and behaviors, we can change ourselves, our lives, and our futures. The Lighthouse approach to behavior change includes social, emotional, and biological factors. We aim for deep interventions that eliminate the cause of unwanted behavior as quickly as possible. By bringing together behavior analysis and neurofeedback, we help our clients in a significant, life-changing way. Whether you have depression, anxiety, addiction, or PTSD, or your child has been having behavior problems or falls on the autism spectrum, we dedicate ourselves to developing a therapeutic protocol that can and will produce observable changes in everyday life.

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