Medicaid: Getting Coverage for Behavior Therapy 


Medicaid Pays for ABA!!!

Don't wait until the problem has gotten too big to manage


Medicaid covers Behavior Therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) for children up to the age of 20 who have a disability. This is because research has proven that ABA is one of the most effective treatments for the problems that many of these kids experience.

  1.  Contact Lighthouse to set up a free initial consultation
    • The Lighthouse billing department will then obtain approval for an Assessment through Medicaid for your child.
  2. A Lighthouse Behavior therapist (BCBA) will then contact you and set up a time to meet with you and your child to complete a brief assessment and treatment plan.
  3. The assessment will be completed within about a week. A copy of the assessment and treatment plan will then be sent to your child's pediatrician for approval.
  4. Once the pediatrician reviews and approves the treatment plan, he or she will then submit the approval to Medicaid. 
  5. Once the submission is complete, services can begin immediatly.