Lighthouse Neurofeedback and Behavior Analysis is located just east of the intersection of 30th and Valmot Rd. Our office is on the second floor of the Verlo Mattress building, at 3080 Valmont Rd. 80301.



3080 Valmont Rd. Boulder, CO 80301

Phone: 720-772-7334

Fax: 888-875-7947

Email: office@lighthousetherapeutics.com


History of Lighthouse Neurofeedback + Behavior Analysis

Lighthouse Neurofeedback and Behavior Analysis was born in Maine. It was the vision of founder, Adam Potter, BCBA. Adam started his behavioral health career in Colorado, where he worked for the largest behavioral health service providers in the state. There, he learned a lot about working with individual clients, teams, and systems of people. Adam took his skills, and his family, to Maine, where the demand for behavioral health services was great. There, he saw that the scope of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) could be broadened to include involuntary behavior, such as the autonomic functions of heart rate and breathing. Adam started using biofeedback with his behavior therapy clients, and noticed that they progressed significantly faster than his clients who did not use biofeedback. Delving deep into the field, Adam discovered that neurofeedback is the cutting edge of biofeedback, and it holds very exciting potential for dramatic healing. Adam started training in neurofeedback in 2014, and he has been absorbing lessons from some of the top leaders of the field ever since.

The vision for Lighthouse Neurofeedback and Behavior Analysis is to have several walk-in clinics that also provide in-home services for behavior therapy and bio- and neurofeedback. The company was incorporated in early 2016, so it is still growing. However the potential for Lighthouse to change lives is staggering. As it grows, so will the lives of the people touched by its services.

Our Team

Adam Potter, MA, BCBA

Owner, Director, Lead clinician.

Adam is interested in how people can heal themselves. He studied tantric Buddhism, attended Naropa University, became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), and immersed himself in bio- and Neurofeedback. His vision is to transform the lives of people who thought they could not live a normal life. He's very driven and detail-oriented. He is dedicated to evidence-based approaches to healing, and wants to bring the most advanced and powerful healing modalities possible to his clients.


Nick Berger, MA, LPC

Lead neurofeedback technician, psychotherapist


Nick has been interested in electronics and biofeedback from a young age. He built a galvanic skin resistance biofeedback device when he was 12. Nick studied philosophy and psychology, and went to Naropa University for his Masters Degree in counseling psychology. Before working at Lighthouse, Nick was in private practice, doing individual and family therapy since 2005. Nick has been doing neurofeedback since 2012.


Remy Loeb-Willer

Director of Administrative Services and Finance 


Remy comes to Lighthouse with a background in accounting and special needs advocacy. She has designed and maintained billing systems for behavioral heath companies and actively advocates for the educational rights of special needs children both in the military and civilian communities. Remy firmly believes in the mission of Lighthouse to change people's lives and has experienced it first hand.