When my son started with Lighthouse, he was barely verbal and had no interest in playing with other kids. We went with Lighthouse because we had a friend who had gotten ABA therapy through them that helped their child make huge progress in functioning. When Adam suggested that we get a Brain Map to better understand how our son's brain might be getting in his own way, we decided to give it a try. We decided to include neurofeedback after seeing how the part of my son's brain that was in charge of language processing was not connected to the part that make's him talk. Six months later, my son is talking and is starting to get invited on playdates. Now I am speechless.

— Mother of a 4 year-old boy diagnosed with autism

instrumental in improving the quality of life of a child

Adam has been instrumental in improving the quality of life of a child I care for by creating multiple token systems to improve safe behavior, exercise, increased academic performance, and social interaction. This child is now accomplishing daily life activities that were not not even a consideration to attempt. Due to Adam’s ability to put the child first and not his handicap, this child’s life has changed dramatically. The proof is in the data and with everyone who knew this child just a few months ago. Adam’s approach is kind and patient. He actively listens to the entire team and problem solves with professionalism and dedication. It has been a pleasure to work with Adam and I highly recommend Atlantic Behavior Services.

Jill M. Boynton LPN, BHP, Ed Tech


enabled our student to become successful”

I have had the pleasure of working with Adam Potter as a consultant for one of my students who is diagnosed with autism. This student had a history of aggression, self injurious behavior and eloping. Adam has provided us with the strategies needed to enable our student to become successful. His aggressions, SIB's and elopement have dramatically decreased with the help of Adam. He is a pleasure to work with and has been extremely helpful

— Special Ed teacher in Waterville, Maine

We could not be happier”

Adam was our son's behavior analyst that was instrumental in helping my 8 year-old son start completing his hygiene routine and home work and to stop throwing temper tantrums. However, he was still not participating in class at school and running away from group activities, especially one that were new or different than usual. The school therapist. Adam suggested we get a brain map (QEEG) to help figure out how his brain might be making life hard for him at school. School therapists had always said that our son was bored and under-stimulated (they even tried to get us to put him on Ritalin). Adam explained to us that the brain map results showed that our son was actually severely overstimulated. After three months of neurofeedback, our son was participating in class and enjoying group activities with other kids and he has started making friends! We could not be happier.

— Mother of autistic 3rd grader


— M.L.


“Stellar, professional service.”

— L.I.

“4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!”

— S.L.

Adam is extremely knowledgable about brain, body, and behavior. He communicates well with me, and he gets along great with my kids! He is driven to help his clients, and I can tell he really cares.
— N.B., parent and therapist